Tax-optimized Real Estate Investements

Real estate categorisation by individual asset category, common in the English-speaking countries, has now arrived in Switzerland too. The principles of asset management not only lead to diversification, optimisation, correlation and more active real estate management, but also to the application of structures and resources which have long been prevalent in the M&A business (holding structures, due diligence, discounted cash flow value assessment, etc.). This also includes “treaty shopping”, i.e. the insertion of a foreign company – for instance in countries with a double taxation agreement (DTA) or those with an advantageous treaty network for the optimisation of the tax burden.

  1. Real estate in Switzerland, owner abroad
  2. Exceptions from standard taxation
  3. Conditions in the country of domicile for taxation
  4. Concept
  5. Real estate abroad, owner in Switzerland
  6. Conculsion

Illustration Alexander Bürgi (004)

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